To Succeed in C.R.E. Focus on the Basics

Top Dogs -

I was happy when a mentor told me that in any endeavor there are a half a dozen things that make up 95% of our success, and that there are hundreds of things that make up the other 5%. Our challenge is not to focus on the 5% but on mastering the fundamentals. The most successful people are those who master the basics. Fortunately, I also learned the correct syntax for success from my mentor. The proper foundation for success at anything is an education that compresses what it has taken other people years to learn into a few weeks.

The next level in the success pyramid is training and focuses on skill building. If there is no skill training, there cannot be any deliberate practice. Without deliberate practice there cannot be coaching to provide the immediate feedback necessary to assess what we have done correctly and where we need to improve. The role of mentors is to help us innovate and solve unusual problems. He taught me that the reason so many new commercial real estate agents have problems, is that they utilize a mentor as the basis of their career.  In this situation very little coaching occurs because the new agent tags along to meetings where the mentor does the heavy lifting. The new agent is the observer so there is nothing to coach. There is no deliberate practice because the mentor has no time for the necessary skills training. And an education in the fundamentals is almost entirely absent.

The Top Dogs programs provide you the correct step-by-step path to success. How to Fast Track your Expertise in Commercial Real Estate will educate you quickly. How to Run with the Big Dogs in Commercial Real Estate will provide you the skills training. The action assignments will engage you in deliberate practice. This will allow your mentor to fulfill their proper role as your coach and provide you the immediate coaching and feedback necessary to perfect performance.

The simple truth is success only requires that people use the correct syntax. In the commercial real estate industry it is axiomatic that 20% of the broker’s produce 80% of the transactions. It is those who master the basics that produce. Be one of those few who focuses on and masters the basics of the business and learn how to produce.