The Best Way to Motivate #CRE Agents

The Best Way to Motivate #CRE Agents

Perhaps you have spent hours searching for ways to motivate agents. Prizes, contests, awards, recognition and other strategies can work. However, there is a better way to create deeper, longer-lasting motivation. It takes some effort but once in place it will be a permanent source of motivation and drive.

Where does it come from?

The highest level of motivation and drive comes from developing confidence and pride in all your agents. Simply stated, it comes from creating a winning team.

Coach John Wooden, former UCLA basketball coach, and perhaps the greatest coach in history, had a simple philosophy that was very successful. He felt that it was his role to provide the preparation necessary to develop confidence and pride. He knew he could influence his players by having them consistently practice the basics of the game which in turn made them better athletes. He never spoke about winning or losing.

Just like with Coach Wooden’s players, I am sure you have met a few people who are driven by confidence and pride. They walk and talk differently, they are more serious about their work, and they know they are the best at what they do. They also constantly look for ways to improve. To create this sense of pride, follow these simple strategies:

1. Establish identity of a winning team for your organization by setting the ground rules for success. Create the standards to which members of your organization will be held. This starts with a decision that you will create the most highly skilled and well-trained team of experts in your market. This mission statement must be communicated to your people.

2. Conduct regularly scheduled training and practice sessions. You can hold weekly meetings to improve basic skills and engage in deliberate practice. Then you can provide immediate coaching and feedback on their performance.

3. Maintain high standards. People feel a lot of pride when they are part of an elite team. Elite teams have high standards. Specifically, you must require a level of practice, preparation, and effort. Keeping high standards may also mean being selective about who you hire and who you let go. No one should feel that “anyone can work here.”

Creating a winning team is always worth the effort. Why not get started today?