I was happy when a mentor told me that in any endeavor there are a half a dozen things that make up 95% of our success, and that there are hundreds of things that make up the other 5%. Our challenge is not to focus on the 5% but onRead More →

We all use “to-do” lists – and they are useful for managing certain types of activities. However, commercial brokers get paid for results, not activities, and “to-do” lists can cause us to focus on activities. Here is what often happens: Whatever you consistently focus on you will get more of;Read More →

As an adult, have you ever wanted to learn a new competitive sport? For me, it was competitive sailing. I moved the San Francisco bay area in my mid-30s, and had my first opportunity to go on a bay sail. I never dreamed that I would become a strong competitorRead More →

  One of the most pervasive myths is that commercial real estate is difficult and takes years to break into. Thousands of real estate agents have discovered that they can expand their existing business with commercial real estate transactions quickly and easily. They also discovered that they love doing commercialRead More →