1. Be goal oriented daily. Long term goals are excellent; the real question is what do you want to achieve TODAY. Create a morning or evening ritual to write down your daily goals. Know why you want to achieve them. 2. Focus on the results you want. To do listsRead More →

Most brokers try to sell with the idea that logic is the primary motivating factor in decisions. This is unfortunate because people use logic to justify their decisions, not to make their decisions. People “buy” based on the emotional state they are in and the emotional states they perceive aRead More →

There is one word that opens more doors than any other in commercial real estate. Do you know what it is? It is an adjective and it might very well describe you. You might have made a significant investment of time and money to feel comfortable using this word toRead More →

Perhaps you have spent hours searching for ways to motivate agents. Prizes, contests, awards, recognition and other strategies can work. However, there is a better way to create deeper, longer-lasting motivation. It takes some effort but once in place it will be a permanent source of motivation and drive. WhereRead More →